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Business Name Availability

Business Name Availability

Picking a business name is a daunting task as is checking its availability. In this article, we give you 3 tips and tools for checking your business name availability. We’ve helped numerous businesses that run into this issue.

1) Checking Name Availability on the National Trademark Search System


This is the national database for trademarks. Type in the name that you are looking to use, a long list should pop up with details regarding if the trademark is “dead” or “live”. Now if the name you desire to use is not trademarked and you are wondering whether you should trademark it. The answer is yes. If you are serious about your business and brand that you are launching. You want to protect that at a national level to ensure that all your hard work and investment do not go to waste. We recommend using Legal Zoom to trademark your business name, they offer an easily affordable solution. If you rather do something like this in person we recommend searching for legal services in your local area.

2) Checking Name Availability on the Secretary of State – Registered Business/Entity Site


There is no designated website for this, it’s all contingent upon the state you live in or will be registering the business in. Simply go to and type in “secretary of state” followed by the state you’d like to search in. Now assuming you’ve done step one and the name isn’t trademarked, there is always the possibility that someone else has registered the entity/business in that state. We recommend discussing with your legal service team or your business service adviser regarding the use of the registered business name and how to go about it.

3) Checking Name Availability on Social Media and Domains


Finding your business name available on social media platforms or with a .com extension can be challenging. Assuming your name was available at the national level and state, you are free to use it. We recommend typing that name into the website above. It will let you know all social media platforms and domain extensions that are available for that name. Now don’t go into a panic if it’s not available, it’s time to get creative. Companies use “wearebusinessname” “teambusinessname”, and it may differ depending on your industry. Get creative try adjectives or a different variation of your name. Ensure that your social media handle is consistent through all platforms. Keep it simple and short and not complicated.

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